Right now you’re overwhelmed trying to do all the things to get noticed online. Social media seems big and scary. Then there's the fear of really putting yourself out there... videos, fancy graphics and sharing something other than a "buy my stuff post" seems daunting. Are you ready to really get in front of the people who need your products and services the most? What if you had someone to guide you through the systems, the different social media platforms, and help you find the confidence to sell in a fun and non-salesy way.

I’m Sandra Guynes and I help small businesses uncover their voice, infuse their business with personality and implement a plan so they can attract their ideal clients. Let's go!

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  • Nikki Dixon

    Nikki Dixon

    I was initially scared to spend money on coaching; I was nervous about not having a real outcome.  But through working with Sandra, I gained valuable knowledge about branding to your ideal client and communicating with your audience.  Sandra was very personable and thorough. She took the time to make sure that my questions were answered and she was committed to providing valuable resources. The most valuable part of working with Sandra was getting tangible strategies to meet my goals and making sure that I had realistic expectations for my outcomes.  Sandra is no nonsense when it comes to meeting your branding goals and will make sure that you have results.

  • Violet Moon

    Violet Moon

    I was in the midst of trying to get my 7 day challenge off the ground. To say that this was stressing me out is downplaying it. I've was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to get people to sign up and just notice my challenge and I swear, I was this close to giving up. I reached out to Sandra Guynes for help before I drowned in my frustrations. And you know what? I was so happy that I did! She took the time to talk to me and listen. Really listened to what I had going on, walked me through my site and let me know of a few tweaks that I could do to get my message across more clearly and get people in the door. I left the call feeling amazing! The funny thing is, that she gave me four tips (I know like so much good stuff), and I've only had time to implement one!!! Just that ONE tip alone brought me 10 extra signups within 2 days!!! Can you believe that?  No promos, no ads, no analytical stuff, just pure insight, and knowing what I needed. Seriously!!  I am still on an emotional high. In fact, I am so busy today, that I had to remind myself that this is going to be my new normal from now on!!! Lady you ROCK! I can’t wait to learn more. If this is just one call, I can’t wait for the info in your course!

  • Leyna Butcher

    Leyna Butcher

    So at a certain point every year, business slows way down and I start questioning myself. Bills are piling up and leads are not proving to be fruitful. I know I must move forward, put one foot in front of the other and ask for help! So I called Sandra and she gave me a kick in the pants!!! I got off the phone with her WITH a plan! If you have not tapped into her for advice, help, ideas, apps, campaigns, or even a little chat to back you off the cliff, you HAVE TO! I love you Sandra for your ability to push me. #peoplethatrock

  • Katina Davenport

    Katina Davenport

    In my 5 weeks of working with Sandra, I have changed the focus of my Facebook group, built better relationships, and put systems in place for my blog coaching service.  I have outlined a webinar and I am now ready to set everything up. This webinar will be a way for me to sell my eBook, then turned it into a course. Yup! I have plans and am really making it happen one little step at a time. Thanks Sandra!